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Visco outdoor led projector lighting products are high-saving lighting products that you can use safely in any field you need.

  • Wide Voltage Range
    Modern Design
    Easy setup
    IP 65 Protected
    IP 65 Aluminum Visco Led Driver
    Working Temperature -20, +50
    Impact and Fall Resistant
    Does Not Burn
    Aluminum Body
Güç Renk Sıcaklığı Işık Akısı Ra
10 W 6000K/6500K (Beyaz) 700-800 LM >75
20 W 6000K/6500K (Beyaz) 1450-1600 LM. >75
30 W 6000K/6500K (Beyaz) 2250-2400 LM. >75
50 W 6000K/6500K (Beyaz) 3500-4000 LM. >75
100 W 6000K/6500K (Beyaz) 9000 LM. >80
High Input Power Factor
Easy montage
Long lasting
More Economical than Competitors