Visco slim led panel lighting products are lighting products that can be used safely in stores, shopping centers, hospitals and in every area you need, with high efficiency.

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6w led panel

9w led panel

12w led panel

18w led panel

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    • Modern Design
      Easy setup
      Lifespan of 50000 Hours
      Does Not Create Magnetic Field
      Impact and Fall Resistant
      IP 65 Aluminum Visco Led Driver
      Easier Control (On / Off)
      Maintenance Free
      CE Certified
      ISO9001 / IS014001 / ISO18001 CertifiedPower Color Temperature Light Flux Ra
      6 W 4000K / 6500K (Daylight / White) 200-350 LM> 70
      12 W 4000K / 6500K (Daylight / White) 800-950 LM. > 70
      18 W 4000K / 6500K (Daylight / White) 1200-1350 LM. > 70
Impact and Fall Resistant
Does Not Burn
Savings reaching 80%
Nature friendly
Aluminum Body