We are proud and honored  to share our accumulation of knowledge  which we possess  as a  principal and solve your energy problems 24 hours and 365 days for 18 years.  As Visco Electric, we continue to serve our customers  with a better quality, faster  and with more economical solutions.

The name of Visco (VIS – CO),  ‘union of force’, which gains its force from the customers, employees and all stakeholders, VISCO with its experience in the sector by continuously renewing  itself, provides increase performance, power electronics, data center background and electric lighting solutions with its qualified colleagues.

In order to  improve the quality of energy and the technology for critical applications to run smoothly our company offers you UPS systems  from 600 VA to 4.8 MVA. Our company which holds many references int eh public and private sectors, continues to be your reliable colleage with innovative solutions in data centers.  Besides from all this VISCO continues to light up our future by  operating  in the lighting industry with  the lighting technology of LED lighting solutions, indoor and outdoor lighting products.

In addition to the production, VISCO Electric, which the head office located in Ankara, with branch offices in İstanbul and İzmir, also 28 other franchises  throughout Turkey.

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