In the system rooms, the ambient temperature and humidity should be kept at the desired temperatures in order for the servers, uninterrupted power supplies and other components to work properly.

While the system room is being designed, the cooling capacity to be selected for the air conditioning system should be calculated in detail. The capacities of the servers, ups and other components in the system room should be calculated, and an appropriate power should be selected by calculating the future predictions of the system room.

Another important point to be considered after the power of air conditioning is determined is the choice of location. If this choice is not made correctly, you may encounter serious problems after the data center is established.

Because of all these negative reasons, the server systems must have a very good and effective cooling circuit infrastructure, we offer our customers the best cooling systems that avoid unnecessary electricity expenses, only the system needs and can operate with the best performance.

As Visco, the services we offer related to air conditioning in data centers are presented for your information.

Air Conditioning Power Calculation
Hot Corridor and Cold Corridor Applications
Cooling Grilles
CFD Analysis