The most important component of the security system in the data centers is Access, ie Access control. It is the most common method used after physical security. Protection of the components inside the data center is used to prevent possible interventions. Generally, the method used by the users shows the given cards to the reader thanks to a card given to the users. It compares the information on the card with the access card list in the main processor, either accepts or refuses access and saves it to the registration file. It is possible.

Sample ;

Pass Code
Fingerprint reader
Retina Scanner etc.

Nowadays, acces control transition systems are being renewed every day and are being used in data centers. Sometimes we see a finger cut from the body to overcome the retinal control in the scenes we encounter in movies, and a finger cut in order to overcome the system of fingerprints. There are systems that allow passage by controlling blood flow.

As well as these applications can be made to the entrance part of the data center, we have many applications to prevent or control unauthorized access to the front and back of the data center cabinets.